About Us

Nightingales is a family run business which, for more than 25 years, has been helping medical professionals with their invoicing needs. Our team is trained to have an extensive knowledge of CCSD and insurer schedules so we bill quickly, accurately and in line with any agreements you may have in place with specific insurers.  We maintain particular emphasis on confidentiality and discretion at all times.

We currently work with a large number of clients across the UK covering many specialities and some of your colleagues may already be using our service.  We are especially proud that our business has expanded over the years exclusively by personal recommendation.   

We are known by all major healthcare insurance companies in the UK and maintain a friendly and co-operative working relationship with the independent hospital groups.

A successful partnership with Healthcode ensures swift and secure processing of invoice data.

We also provide specialist invoicing and collection of Medico Legal fees which is a service tailored specifically to the requirements for work in this field. Medico Legal fees and Private Practice fees are all reported as separate entities to assist in your tax return.